About Me

Hello, I am Geo Islam Turky

  • Islam Turky is a person with a degree of culture and pluralism in talents. His love for exploration made him as if he had picked a rose from every garden, so he had his own garden of all roses.

  • On the literary and artistic level, he is a colloquial poet and painter. He began learning to play oud, but he was lazy. Then he began the journey of learning to play violin, and he was also lazy. Soon he will learn to play drum because it is easy.

  • At the level of community work, Abu Al-Trak entered into all fields;
    1- organizing parties.
    2- volunteer projects in the Library of Alexandria.
    3- being a member of awareness campaigns for institutions affiliated with UNICEF in Egypt.
    4- heading the student entities in the college, and implementing training courses for many in various fields such as marketing, organization, and Business administration.
    but more importantly, his connection to the field of human development and his desire to move young people forward.

  • In the educational and professional field, Abu Al-Atrak worked as a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Science, Department of Geology, then he left and worked as a geologist at Halliburton Petroleum Company, then he left also and came to you, my beloved students.

    ** Note: I will tell you about the role of Abu al-Atrak in discovering the core of the Earth, but later.

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